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If you are interested at all in having a stripping pole in your home or business then you want the best stripping pole money can buy. The poles that we list here are the best as chosen by stripping enthusiasts and people like you from all over the internet. Whether you are using the pole for exercise or to make money the way these are built can be used for multiple purposes.

At the end of the day a stripping pole enthusiasts wants their pole to last and to be built of quality materials. This was taken int consideration when we created this list. You can be rest assured that any pole that we recommend will hold up to the must strenuous of twirls and drops.

AW 45mm Removable

AW 45mm Removable Dancing Pole Kit

  • | 61 Customer Reviews
  • Extendable from 2175mm to 2745mm straight from the box
  • Screw together tube high precision joints
  • Double width pole support dome,

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If you are an exotic dancer or home fitness enthusiast in need of a stripping pole then look no further than our list of the top stripping poles that money can buy. There is nothing better than the list that we put together as we are the best community of strip club enthusiast in the world.

August 2, 2016 |

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