Brinda Spencer | Model/Dancer of the Week

Ok so hear me out. This woman is so damn fine that I brought a picture of here to the mother of my children again like look at this here. I seem to do that a lot every time I am knocked out of my seat by how fine someone is. The thing is, she is super young like damn, as I get older more and more beautiful women seem to be created from nothing as if it is some sort of miraculous instance of creation. Someone flips a switch and some how this beautiful being just exists instantly. A native of Houston, TX the fantasy of having her all to myself is that more realistic. Check out some of her vids and pics and be sure to follow her.

Brinda Spencer Age

So from a previous post that she made on here Instagram page I know she is just barely able to drink and get into a club legally. The post has since been deleted but if my old man memory serves she wasn’t 21 just yet, with her fine ass. Maybe her twitter will elude to her age a bit better than I can.

Brinda Spencer Measurements

Her measurements seem to be so sought after that people actually search vigorously as to have a definitive goal to where they would like their own bodies to be. She seems to be the perfect small girl size, if you like that sort of thing. Since I am following her on IG I will attempt to get her exact measurements through thirsty comments. i will attempt to keep it classy.

Friday’s spent with you, yoself, ya slinky, &&&& ya backwoods.. can’t be mad 🤗🐶

A video posted by BRINDA (@brindaaspencer) on

Brinda Spencer With Short Hair

My particular favorite, the short hair is kind of a stand out element that makes her so damn fine. Maybe I like it a lot because my BM has short hair and I love that shit.

SC- brindaspencer

A video posted by BRINDA (@brindaaspencer) on

I am not the one to blow someone’s head up but look, this chick is fine as hell. I love black women too much to not give her the props she deserves. Hopefully she doesn’t turn into one of those chicks who change after the 100K follower mark. We have a few thousand to go before we see for sure.

January 21, 2017 |

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