Houston V Live: Strip Club Of The Month

When it comes to Houston strip clubs, gentleman’s clubs (or whatever you want to call them), I’ve been to almost all of them in the past twenty years. I am a white guy but I prefer black strip clubs and thick, beautiful black women, so my buddy told me about V Live and I had already heard about how amazing it was from several people. I decided to check it out and from the very first time I went to the club, I was totally hooked. The club is… in a word… ecstasy.

I walked in the door and the the club itself literally floored me. Lots of strip clubs are pretty trashy looking but this place is pure class. The lighting, the way they have the sections set up, and the music is different- but ‘different’ in an extremely good way. There are different sections and levels, and different stages. The customer service at the bar was always spot on and friendly, and the waitresses were almost as hot as the dancers. I fell in love with a few waitresses in some of my long nights there, but they were worth it. The dancers though.. they were the hottest women I have ever seen, and I have seen many women at many different clubs. I think most of them were models and they were all class, not trashy, glittery, cheap girls like other places.

The Strip Club Ambiance

Like most strip clubs, Houston V Live has bright colored lights flashing and loud club music with an obvious beat. There is a mix of music, and lots of rap which I like. One thing a little different like I mentioned before is that the place is extremely classy. It’s not dirty, the bar is set up nice, the tables and chairs are clean and new looking and the different sections are very well kept up and neat. The floors are even extremely clean, and so are the bathrooms.

Image Courtesy of TMZ

They don’t mess around there, they keep the place in ship shape all of the time. They have a good selection of liquor and beer, as well as beer on tap. One nice thing about the beer is it was always nice and cold. The waitresses were beyond hot and the bouncers were surprisingly cordial. Like I said, it’s a high class place. There are lots of strip clubs in Houston where I wouldn’t think of ordering anything but a bottled beer, but I never had a problem ordering a mixed drink and I never worried about drinking out of a dirty glass at V Live. There were some regular clientele and some VIPs. It was a well known fact that lots of celebrities would go to V Live and it was for an obvious reason- the beautiful and exotic dancers.

The Exotic Dancers

As a red-blooded male I can honestly say that I have never seen hotter women. If you are into some serious beautiful big chunky booties, there is simply no other place. My favorite dancer was the most beautiful shade of chocolate I have ever seen, and I still dream about her fine ass all of the time. The girls are classy, luscious, clean, very nice, and so fine. I think that every single one of the dancers could have been models and maybe were for all I know. I fell in love several times over at V Live and those girls are what kept me coming back for more. The HOTTEST women I have ever seen, and all of them were almost PERFECT. I am not exaggerating.

The Legal Issues

It’s been pretty widely publicized that V Live has had some incidents. Probably the most widely known problem was the incident where NBA basketball legend’s son, Moses Malone Jr, was robbed in the early hours of the morning. Malone sued the club, but I am not sure of the outcome. One of the valets for the club was also robbed at gun point and there were a couple shootings at the club.

Fox News Houston at V Live

Image Courtesy of Fox Houston News

The Harris County Attorney’s Office started going after the club to shut it down in September of 2016 citing various misconduct like selling liquor without a license, prostitution and gambling. I mean, it’s a strip club- this happens in every strip club in America but these isolated incidents were over publicized and the bottom line is someone wanted V Live closed. I don’t really know all of the details but V Live was closed down; not for any of the original issues, but because of unpaid ‘sexually oriented business taxes according to various news outlets like the Houston Chronicle.’ Who even knows what that is? I personally think that the club got a whole lot of unwanted attention due to the Moses Malone Jr situation and law enforcement decided to shut it down one way or another.

In Conclusion – I Want Houston V Live to Open Again

As I said before, V Live is a first class operation with a great atmosphere and bangin’ hot girls that ‘you read about.’ I can’t even begin to explain the pleasure going there gave me every time, and I miss the club. The place was awesome. It was somewhere I could get away that was clean, upbeat, and fun with the hottest ladies I have ever seen.

There is a reason that stars like Drake and Justin Bieber went to visit, as well as other famous people- the club is everything you could possibly desire in a black Houston strip club. When my buddy asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I told him all I want is for V Live to open again and to be able to enjoy the club like I always have in the future. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. If it does open, I will be the first one there to enjoy the finest women in Houston and I encourage anyone else looking for a great place with gorgeous, classy women to do the same. V Live is/was the hottest, best strip club in Houston and quite honestly, the best strip club I’ve ever been to, and I hope to be a happy patron again soon.

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