Koi Grand | Model/Dancer of the Week

Once again, our most favorite time of the week is upon us. Fine Friday comes but four times a month but our pick for this week has been fine her whole life. The model/exotic dancer known as @KoiGrand is what dreams are made of for any warm blooded adult male. If you aren’t following this vixen’s every move you are doing yourself a dis-service. Don’t believe us? Check the photos and videos from Instagram below. Koi frequents a few Miami strip clubs from time to time. The majority of the time she is on a plane somewhere.

Brown Sugar, BAE 🔑

A photo posted by #TheTrendingTopic 😈 (@koigrand) on

@KoiGrand Getting a Nice Rub Down

When I first saw the original video of this I damn near lost my mind. For whatever reason this shorter (and less awesome) version was posted at a later time. If you missed the original video just imagine the same thing but with a lot more motion and rubbing action. It looks so soft, I just want to come home after a long day and just fall asleep on that booty.

Good morning ! ✨❤️

A video posted by #TheTrendingTopic 😈 (@koigrand) on

@KoiGrand as @NickiMinaj for Halloween

Ok I am done with this. Going through her pics is doing nothing but making me angry at how fine she is. The fact that I cannot sleep on a @KoiGrand booty pillow tonight has me kind of tight right now. None the less this chick is fine as hell. Whomever is laying on a @KoiGrand booty pillow right now I can do nothing but salute you sir.

Ok… One More @KoiGrand Pic

peach sangria extra fruit please ! 🍑

A photo posted by #TheTrendingTopic 😈 (@koigrand) on

December 31, 2016 |

One thought on “Koi Grand | Model/Dancer of the Week

  1. […] Looking damn good too. Whoever has the pleasure of being next to this woman is a luck man. According to Strip Clubs Near Me, Koi Grand is very single right now. So all you need to do if you are interested is come with some very strong conversation. For more pics and videos of the lovely Koi Grand, check out her post on Strip Clubs Near Me. […]

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